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Villa Cortina

Located in front of the famous Faraglioni, overlooking the bay of Marina Piccola, the meeting place between Ulysses and the Sirens, Villa Cortina was built in 1937 by master builder Felice Ricci, according to the design by architect Mario Gallozzi, a follower of Edwin Cerio, fitting into an already established nucleus of houses, forming a "small village halfway up the hill", just above the Sirens' Rock. The house has retained its original structure and volumes, with a double entrance from the road of Via Marina Piccola and from the quieter Via Grotta delle Felci, and is surrounded by a typical Capri garden, consisting of terraces characterized by Mediterranean scrub plants and flowers. In the center of the garden, between two terraces, there is a delightful panoramic swimming pool, perfectly integrated into the context of stone-faced walls, jasmine plants, and hibiscus. From the large south-facing terrace, overlooking all the rooms of the house, one can embrace the entire bay of Marina Piccola, with its Faraglioni, three giant rocks born from the sea: Stella or Faraglione di Terra, Faraglione di Mezzo with its arch, and Scopolo or Faraglione di Mare, up to Punta di Mulo. Behind rises the dolomitic rock of Monte Solaro, with its steep and dramatic walls. The completely renovated and furnished house in the style and colors of the island is located in a quiet position, from which it is possible to reach the famous Piazzetta, Via delle Camerelle, or the picturesque Via delle Botteghe in a fifteen-minute walk, as well as to go down to the sea through the shortcut of Via Mulo. Staying at Villa Cortina means immersing oneself in the most authentic and spectacular heart of the Azure Island, because "Sweet to the eyes is the house of Capri".

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